Private Training

If Group Dog Training Classes aren’t your thing or if you need some extra help to supplement classes or in-home training, sign up for a one-on-one session with me for anything from basic manners to aggression. 

Private Training

60-Minute Basic: for basic manners and other common issues like house training, jumping, and destructive habits such as chewing.

In-Person $125
In-Home $175

60-90 Minute Behavior Consultation: for more complex issues such as leash reactivity, aggression, or anxiety/fear.

In-Person $175
In-Home $250

*In person sessions are held at the Training & Behavior Center
All private sessions are paid in full at time of scheduling.

*Please note: We charge $1.00 per minute for travel time that exceeds a 30-minute round trip. For example, a 45-minute round trip would incur an additional $15 charge, etc.